sexta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2009

Good-people beware

Good-people, you gave angel wings to bad suspicions and you’ve judged a quite extraordinary man for being and close to children who hold our Planet’s future in their hands.

You mistrusted someone who worked since childhood - and did it before your eyes - believing and making believe the World could be changed into a better place, which makes us wonder if somewhere along your path “good” hasn’t overrated.

This man did it all to tell us about «HIStory» and he was bleached. This is not a joke; it’s quite a poetic wakeup-call, but people these days don't seem to grast poetry within themselves.

Is this your case? Why, are you “on something”? Have you been brainwashed? How much longer do you think you can “sleep on the job” of playing a responsible part in Man-kind?

Once and for all, you need to wake up and you give us no choice but to take over. These are «Bad» times we're living!

Oh please, don't be afraid... You know it is bad out there and we just want to make it work, so we'll play because «We are the Children» and we’ve learned from the best. This means that although we visibly suffer human pain in our skin, we love and hope with all our hearts; we have no gender, colour or creed prejudice; we believe we can live for ever and we are not taken down easily.

We want cacophony to cease so that we can hear and be heard. So, we're hereby giving and demanding care and attention, and we shall not "behave" unless we can play real life in a safe environment and have art expression celebrate it. Life stories deserve to be sensed, reviewed and recreated by people who put everything into it: heart and soul, creative originality, technical training, combined arts forms, overlapping media and outstanding team work, if you please. And if there's no one up for it these days never mind, because we’ll do it ourselves.

These are some of the untold tales that should have already been shared with the selfless «Moowalker» who dreamt his way up into Earth’s pale satellite and enabled us to figure things out for ourselves. Down here, he was a «Stranger in Moscow» and just about everywhere else he went, but he was also unable to move, stand and fall unnoticed.

He liked stories and pictures, so now he should be allowed to rest by the fireplace forever, listening to worldwide story-tellers. We ought to present him with our truest tribute stories, because he deserves to realize his our story is acknowledged, respected and thanked as the example it represents to many generations of different boys and girls.

These “little kids” may now refuse to become adults if that means being the “wrong king of good”.

«This is It», people: we’ve got a loud in our hands, but if we’ve realized that by now then we’re lucky to still have a long way ahead of us. Let’s go for it and have a blast!

As for you “good-people”, you better look in the mirror before you point your finger at us as we walk pass you...

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